Hypnosis Cost Comparison

Hypnosis v. Talk-therapy Cost Comparison

Often times one of the first things people want to know when they call is what the cost is for hypnosis services and does insurance pay.  In this posting, I will break down the cost difference between hypnosis and traditional talk therapy. 

The statistics that I am presenting were included in an article from American Health Magazine before shutting down.  The article was a comparison of the effectiveness of traditional talk therapy and hypnosis.  

  • Traditional Talk Therapy - # of sessions - 600 or about 13 years - Success rate = 38%

  • Hypnosis - # of sessions - 6 - Success rate 93%

Now, if we take those numbers and turn them into a dollar value lets see what you’d actually spend.

  • Talk therapy - Annual deductible $250.00 X 13 yrs = $3250.00

  • office copay $20.00 x 48 visits per yr = 960.00 yr x 13 yrs = $12480.00

  • Traditional total with insurance coverage out of pocket is $15,730.00

  • And the bonus? You MIGHT feel better after only 13 YEARS.

Hypnosis -  Not covered. Cost per sessions vary widely depending on the type of credentials and training the hypnotherapist has completed.  Some therapist charge as little as $100.00 per session, however, this therapist is more than likely only going to be skilled at smoking cessation, and they do not practice hypnotherapy as their full-time line of work.  Other, more skilled hypnotherapist, those that practice hypnotherapy full time charge up to $300 or more per session. So let’s break that down in the worst case scenario by tripling the number of hypnosis sessions and using $240.00. 18 sessions X $240.00 = $4,320.00     A savings of $11,410.00 and more than 576 hours taken back.

So, 13 years and $15k or at worst 5 months and $4k.  Hmm, now I am not a financial analyst and I don’t believe in telling people how to spend their time but it sure seems to me that anyway you look at it the benefits are clear.  BTW, I’ve only ever seen cancer patients and chronic pain sufferers more than 10 times.

Now, that you can see the cost and time benefits of utilizing hypnosis I look forward to helping you achieve whatever goals you set for yourself.  Please check out the types of issues I help people work through with this easy and permanent solution.