MindSpa Hypnotica – The Time Experience


You will be immediately directed to download this file via dropbox upon payment.

An extended relaxing induction with multiple deepeners guides your client into a deep mental and physical state of relaxation and trance.

The Time experience encourages the client to recognize those times in their life when they were successful and understand that they already have everything they need to continue to be successful . Bringing up past successes allows the client to experience and integrate those wins onto the present and well into the future.

The MindSpa Hypnotica script ensures that this new way of experiencing time will provide resources your clients have forgotten to use.

MindSpa Hypnotica is the only 100% complete hypnosis product available. With this purchase, you will receive a downloaded zip folder with the following:

  • The MindSpa Time Experience
  • Intake template
  • Session check list
  • Provider Guide
  • Supplemental group induction

And the following marketing materials, on which you can embed your logo and business information:

  • Two Instagram Posts
  • Web Banner
  • Facebook banner
  • EDDM or Every Door Direct Mail (post card size)
  • Flyer (8.5 x 11)
  • Gift certificate

Each MindSpa Hypnotica script has the induction, deepeners, trance ratification, and post hypnotic suggestions built right in.

Script Sample:

…You and you alone have control over how you experience time… for time only exist in your mind… And since it does exist there only in the mind…then you can experience it here, now, can you not? That’s right, now go beyond the simple thought of experience into the higher plains of understanding and know that it is true……


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