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Stop anxiety, anger, and chronic gut issues today.

I specialize in helping people find relief from anxiety, anger, and chronic gut issues. But I work with any thought, feeling, or belief that keeps you from doing, being, or feeling your best.

Hypnosis may be the perfect fit for you, but you won’t know if you don’t call or schedule your free consultation today. 

You will experience your desired changes at your first session. Two follow-up sessions ensure your changes are permanent.

If you are not in the Seattle area or would prefer to meet online you will have the same great results. 

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I am Anthony Gitch, and I want you to succeed.  It is my job to help facilitate whatever changes need to happen in your mind in order for you to get the results you are looking to achieve.   

I am an expert at facilitating change beyond the conscious desires and unlike most other practitioners I will call you out when I find incongruences between your thoughts, words, and actions towards reaching a specific goal. 

Get in touch today and start living the life you want.

Published Articles

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West Seattle hypnotist Anthony Gitch wants to help others find joy

West Seattle hypnotist Anthony Gitch gives all of his clients a card that reads: “There is no person, thought, idea, memory, image, feeling or sensation, out of the past, in the present or ever to arrive in the future that could stop me from ______.”

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Feelings: Understanding your internal navigation system

What are your feelings for? What do they tell you? Do you know the difference between feeling inadequate, sad, board or fearful? More importantly do you have a healthy way to satisfy those feelings once you have identified them?........

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What can hypnosis do? You might be very surprised

People have a wide selection of therapeutic approaches to solving a range of issues, hypnosis being one of the fastest in creating lasting results. Most people are unaware of the depth of hypnosis techniques and the fact that over time they have evolved into a variety or different modalities........


9 Shocking Facts You Never Knew About Hypnosis

We've all seen hypnotists portrayed in movies, as they swing gold pocket watches and whisper, "You're getting sleepy. Very sleepy." But did you know hypnosis is used in therapy? When it's utilized by trained hypnotherapists, patients can use hypnosis to recover from trauma, move past addictions, and just generally improve their lives.......

Hypnosis Services I Offer

I specialize in Anxiety, Anger, and Gut Issues.


Hypnosis For Anxiety

Help With Social Anxiety, Public Speaking. Geneal Anxiety, Test Anxiety, Panic Atatcks and more.

shouting at each other

Hypnosis For Anger

I can help you get control of and stop angry outburst at work, home, and on the road.

irritable bowel syndrome

Hypnosis For Gut Issues

Eat the way you used to eat. IBS and IBD are a specialty.

get rid of limiting beliefs

Other Hypnosis Services

You can stop smoking, eliminate chronic headaches, migraine pain, and more.

Client Testimonials

Seattle, WA
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After visiting with Anthony thrice, I was able to make a mental shift where my anxiety doesn't have a hold on me. I no longer fret all day about the next panic or anxiety attack.
Roxy Rahami
Twin Falls, ID
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Anxiety was controlling everything in my life and it got worse with the pandemic and so I finally decided to do something about it but as a former clinical therapist, I had struggled in finding someone to work with due to my own lack of faith in the system I worked in. CONTROL is not therapy, and it is not some magic trick. I cannot recommend this system, or Anthony, enough. Working with him has been a catalyst of hope and change in my life, and I am forever grateful.
David Morrow
Seattle, WA
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Anxiety? What anxiety? Anthony blew me away with his wit and wisdom. He made our sessions seem more like a visit with a friend who understands me better than I understand myself instead of clinical cold approach. He has helped me understand what I thought was my anxiety in a way that no one ever has. I am getting high praise for my presentation and delivery skills at work and I am actually enjoying the process itself. Thank you Anthony
Holly A
Seattle, WA
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I was a cigarette smoker for 50 years. And then I found Anthony Gitch & Excel Hypnosis. Anthony was deeply committed to helping me reach my goals; he made me feel as though my success was his success. I have the sense that this is much more than a job for Anthony; instead of work, it is a passion. Thanks, Anthony, for helping me eortlessly reach my goal of a smoke-free life!
John Benz
Seattle, WA
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I have been a heavy smoker for the last 30+ years and thought I would give hypnosis a go in an effort to quit. I hired Anthony in Dec 2020 for my first session and was pleasantly surprised at how personable and easy Anthony is to spend a couple of hours with. The session was actually enjoyable and I walked out of the session a non smoker! I just passed the 4 week mark without a cigarette. Truly a remarkable service and a great person to spend time with. I have already recommended Anthony to many of my friends. Thank you Anthony.
Andrea Seabaugh
St. Louis, MO
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I have COPD and was ready to quit smoking. Anthony is personable and very honest. I would recommend him to anyone who needs to quit. Thank you Anthony. I will remember our time together fondly. I feel I made a new friend.
Salma A
Bellevue, WA
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After my sessions with Anthony, I had a realization that put the issue I initially approached him with in a completely different light. Now I am able to be honest with myself at what is hindering my success (something else entirely), whereas before I was confused. .
Theresa M
Los Angeles, CA
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I have spent my life feeling like I was not quite good enough, thin enough, pretty enough or strong enough. I wasn't really unhappy but I felt stuck in my thoughts and I began to think I was depressed. I went to my GP and he suggested antidepressants which really did not help. Then I met Anthony. My life has never been more different, more enjoyable and I certainly nave no doubt about my place in the world and what I have to offer. I also know beyond a shadow of a doubt that I am worth anything and everything I want. I feel powerful and in charge. Thank you Anthony for everything!
Lynette Murray
Portland, OR
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I have spent most of my life feeling like I had to work harder than everyone else, be nice and keep my mouth shut. I have been working the program of CODA for 4 years and was making progress but I then I met Anthony and in the few weeks I spent with him absolutely changed my life. I am in control and I am powerful and I am happy.

The Art Of Self Destruction-Freeing Yourself From Anger and Codependency.


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You can have freedom from anxiety, anger, gut issues, and pain.  Your changes will happen in the first session. Hypnosis can change your life!

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