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So you are looking to change a thought, feeling, or behavior that is no longer working for you. Awesome!

In this short article, I will do my best to tell you about hypnosis, why it creates such success, how it works, how we apply it to help you get to where it is that you want to be, and the different types of hypnotic processes that are available. I will tell you all about the ones I work with and why I work with them, I will tell you about some that I do not work with and what the different approaches offer.

There are many kinds of hypnosis processes offered today, and I am glad to see that people have a selection of positive solutions available to them. I am first going to talk about my favorite approach. But, before we start I want you to understand this; there is no one size fits all approach to any challenge, issue, struggle, decision or anything else and that means that hypnosis is not a good fit for everything or everyone.

That is why you should always be offered a FREE consultation.

That way you get to know the practitioner and decide if you like them because you DO need to LIKE them and TRUST them in order for you to get the most out of the work. This also provides the practitioner time to determine if what you want to work on is within their scope of practice, do they feel comfortable working with it, and is it something they feel they can help with.

If you are not offered a free consultation, find someone else.

I primarily work with a process called C.O.N.T.R.O.L.
It is an acronym for how we practice.

  • C – Create space.
  • O – Open a line of communication.
  • N – Notice the details.
  • T – Talk to the part.
  • R – Rewrite the patterns.
  • O – Observe the changes.
  • L – Live your life.

We like to K.I.S.S or Keep It Super Simple because that is what the mind likes, and since that is where we are making changes we need to follow its lead for full cooperation.

The thing that sets this process apart from any other form of hypnosis is the removal of all direct trance work. We do not induce a trance when working with C.O.N.T.R.O.L. Instead we create a state that we refer to as subconscious dominance and we bring that state about by hyper-stimulating your imagination.

Here is the model of the mind that I refer to in my practice.

The Conscious and SubConscious Mind.

There are 2 main parts to your thinking: the conscious and the subconscious.

The conscious is the logical, rational, reasoning part of your thinking. It’s your point of immediate focus, so the part that’s paying attention to me right now. It’s capable of doing maybe a handful of things at once so it has a limited capacity.

By contrast, your subconscious is constantly doing hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of things, all in the background, most of it outside of your conscious awareness. It’s our emotional, imaginative, and creative part of our thinking. Most importantly for someone like me it’s the bit that holds all of our belief systems and our thought and behavioral patterns.

Anything you feel you do without thinking, you can’t stop doing, or you can’t start doing, that’s because there is a pattern of thought running in your subconscious that is driving that behavior.

If we want to change that pattern of thought, we have to get access to it and introduce something better.

The Map of Reality and The Critical Faculty

Up to the age of about 8 or 9 we were almost purely subconscious in the way we were processing things.We were emotional and ‘in the moment’.We saw it, we did it, and we learned. We then formed what we might refer to as our Map of Reality (our idea about how the world works).Around that time we then started to develop our more logical, conscious way of thinking and what came with our conscious mind is this thing we sometimes call The Critical Faculty.

This is the security guard of your mind.When new information comes in it judges it for truth. If it doesn’t match up with or isn’t at least compatible with what you have on your map of reality, that security guard will reject it as false (no matter how logical it seems to your conscious mind). Any attempt to change what is going on in your subconscious mind meets with the resistance of that security guard whose only job is to maintain a consistent reality (no matter how unhelpful that reality has now become).

How The Critical Faculty Works – The Spider.

So imagine that you’re 4 or 5 years old, you’re in the kitchen and a spider runs out. Mom screams and jumps on a chair, and your learning mind says, “That’s the appropriate response to those things because mom just did it and that’s who we’re learning from”.That goes into your mind and onto your map of reality. Then every spider you see for the rest of your life, your mind produces a fear response.You tense up, your heart beats faster and you start to sweat, even though your logical mind is now saying “that’s tiny, it can’t possibly harm me”. However, all of that logical stuff is being rejected by that security guard in your mind because it doesn’t match up with what you already know: Spiders are scary!

Introducing Subconscious Dominance.
The resistance of that security guard is why we can’t usually make subconscious changes by ourselves. However, what The C is it establishes a direct line of communication with your subconscious, and it does this by inducing a state we refer to as Subconscious Dominance. Basically, instead of trying to get past the security guard and get in the building we just take everything that’s of interest to us and put it outside the building where we can deal with it without the interference of the security guard.

Pretty cool, right? I think it is and that is why I love what I do. Now let me go a bit deeper here while making it even easier for you to understand how I work and why this approach is so easy for people to get results with.

The Ship – Think of your mind like a ship. A ship has a Captain and a Crew.

The Captain is your logical, conscious mind. The Captain knows where we are sailing too, why we are sailing there and he even has an idea how we’re going to get there. Unfortunately, the part of your mind with its hands-on everything that steers and sails this ship is the Crew.The Crew is your subconscious mind.

Every member of your Crew has a job to do. Each member is only concerned with their specific task. Some are doing the right things and some are doing what your Captain now recognizes to be the wrong things.

When the Crew listens to the Captain everything is plain sailing. However, when the Crew isn’t listening then who knows where we are going? Maybe we’re going nowhere!

The reason why members of your Crew are often found doing the wrong thing is because they decided what jobs they were doing before you had a Captain on board.When you were young with no idea about how the world worked and what your part in it was your mind (and your Crew) had only one priority…keep the ship afloat.As a result, your mind developed certain strategies that were only designed to keep you out of trouble at a time when you didn’t understand much about how to do that.

In spite of how it seems, the members of your Crew are only looking to do one thing.That is to find the best strategy for the most happiness. When you were young happiness consisted of staying safe and comfortable in the moment, and you had no long-term goals or ambitions. As a result, many of the strategies your Crew members adopted don’t make much sense now to an adult who has long-term goals and ambitions. The Crew we have on board might not have developed many strategies that make this Captain happy. This is why the Captain needs to speak to the Crew members who are now doing old, and unhelpful things and assign them new jobs.

The reason your crew members will be very happy to change what they are doing is because none of them are trying to sink your ship.They are all simply looking for that best strategy.

Now all of that is good and informative but let me tell you how that turns into results.

When you have your consult we establish a line of communication, if we can’t establish a good solid form of communication between me and the the crew member who is running the old program we will not use this approach and I will either recommend a more appropriate process that may include us doing traditional trance work.

CONTROL is not for those looking for guidance. It is a solution to a problem.

When it comes to Past Life Regression, Life Between Lives, and Soul Retrieval work I rely solely on Deep Trance states to establish an appropriate line of communication or conduit for exploration. I also use Mike Mandels’ MindScaping for a fantastic exploration of your subconscious landscaping and architecture.

The only tool I do not utilize and do not believe is necessary to employ is abreaction or forcing a client to relive a traumatic experience. Healing should NOT be traumatic!

Some comparisons.

CONTROL – Simple, Focused, Finite. 3 sessions, no guess work, and immediate results.


Regression – It can take practice to get deep enough, no direct line of communication leaves the practitioner shooting at moving targets,it can often take more than 6 or 7 sessions, and even then you may not achieve your ultimate goal.

I hope this answers some questions and sparked your interest in hypnosis and the benefits it can offer you in leading a more successful life.

If you have any questions please get in touch and let’s have a conversation about your goals and how I can help you achieve them.

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You will experience the same outstanding results in-person or online when working with Seattle's best hypnosis professional.

How It Works

You’ve made the first step towards making the changes you want by visiting this page.  Now it’s time to take the next step and give me a call.  We will chat for a few minutes and then schedule your FREE consultation.  

The free consultation/assessment session includes taking a brief history and introducing you to hypnosis, both theoretically and practically. You should allow 45 to 60 minutes for this. This will be a good time to ask any questions you may have.  At the end of this consultation, we will know if hypnosis is a good fit for you, and you will also get to know me a bit and decide if you want to work with me

Step three is when you make the changes you desire.  You should arrive to the session relaxed and ready to let go of expectations and enjoy the process.

It is in this first session that we change the one thing that you most want to change and then once we are done you will go out and live your life as you usually do, expect that you begin to recognize where you are doing things different than before.  

You then come back for your follow up sessions where we consolidate your changes and teach you how to carry on with the work we’ve begun together. 

I offer a variety of services all of which we can discuss at your consultation.

Services I offer:

  • Hypnosis / Hypno-Coaching / CONTROL
  • MindScaping
  • Energy Medicine / Qi Healing / Healing Touch
  • Medicine Card Readings 

    Call today and take the next step in creating the life you want.

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Mission Statement

The mission of Excel Hypnosis is to inspire, empower and teach YOU how to use the power of YOUR mind to imagine, create and achieve the life YOU really want. My goal is to seed communities with happy, healthy and successful individuals who want to do more than achieve, they want to Excel.

Specializing in Anxiety, Anger, and Pain.

BUT ......Working To Crush Whatever Stands in Your Way.

Seattle, WA
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After visiting with Anthony thrice, I was able to make a mental shift where my anxiety doesn't have a hold on me. I no longer fret all day about the next panic or anxiety attack.
Roxy Rahami
Twin Falls, ID
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Anxiety was controlling everything in my life and it got worse with the pandemic and so I finally decided to do something about it but as a former clinical therapist, I had struggled in finding someone to work with due to my own lack of faith in the system I worked in. CONTROL is not therapy, and it is not some magic trick. I cannot recommend this system, or Anthony, enough. Working with him has been a catalyst of hope and change in my life, and I am forever grateful.
David Morrow
Seattle, WA
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Anxiety? What anxiety? Anthony blew me away with his wit and wisdom. He made our sessions seem more like a visit with a friend who understands me better than I understand myself instead of clinical cold approach. He has helped me understand what I thought was my anxiety in a way that no one ever has. I am getting high praise for my presentation and delivery skills at work and I am actually enjoying the process itself. Thank you Anthony
Holly A
Seattle, WA
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I was a cigarette smoker for 50 years. And then I found Anthony Gitch & Excel Hypnosis. Anthony was deeply committed to helping me reach my goals; he made me feel as though my success was his success. I have the sense that this is much more than a job for Anthony; instead of work, it is a passion. Thanks, Anthony, for helping me eortlessly reach my goal of a smoke-free life!
John Benz
Seattle, WA
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I have been a heavy smoker for the last 30+ years and thought I would give hypnosis a go in an effort to quit. I hired Anthony in Dec 2020 for my first session and was pleasantly surprised at how personable and easy Anthony is to spend a couple of hours with. The session was actually enjoyable and I walked out of the session a non smoker! I just passed the 4 week mark without a cigarette. Truly a remarkable service and a great person to spend time with. I have already recommended Anthony to many of my friends. Thank you Anthony.
Andrea Seabaugh
St. Louis, MO
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I have COPD and was ready to quit smoking. Anthony is personable and very honest. I would recommend him to anyone who needs to quit. Thank you Anthony. I will remember our time together fondly. I feel I made a new friend.
Salma A
Bellevue, WA
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After my sessions with Anthony, I had a realization that put the issue I initially approached him with in a completely different light. Now I am able to be honest with myself at what is hindering my success (something else entirely), whereas before I was confused. .
Theresa M
Los Angeles, CA
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I have spent my life feeling like I was not quite good enough, thin enough, pretty enough or strong enough. I wasn't really unhappy but I felt stuck in my thoughts and I began to think I was depressed. I went to my GP and he suggested antidepressants which really did not help. Then I met Anthony. My life has never been more different, more enjoyable and I certainly nave no doubt about my place in the world and what I have to offer. I also know beyond a shadow of a doubt that I am worth anything and everything I want. I feel powerful and in charge. Thank you Anthony for everything!
Lynette Murray
Portland, OR
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I have spent most of my life feeling like I had to work harder than everyone else, be nice and keep my mouth shut. I have been working the program of CODA for 4 years and was making progress but I then I met Anthony and in the few weeks I spent with him absolutely changed my life. I am in control and I am powerful and I am happy.

Creating Solutions that provide you with more than simple achievement.

How I help you excel

Einstein said that energy can neither be created or destroyed, it can only be changed from one form to another.

This is the idea that drives my work. Why?

After years of working with top executives, elite business professionals and high achievers I have come to understand that instead of attempting to get rid of the energy that is driving the unwanted thoughts, feelings or behaviors it is more effective to redirect it towards what it is that you do want to be experiencing. 

It is my job to help and teach you to guide your subconscious mind and direct that energy towards what you consciously want now and in the future.

You can achieve the results you're looking for in your first session.

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NOTICE: I am not a counselor and this is not counseling, I offer solutions!

I am dedicated to providing the most Rapid, effective and direct methods of change available. 

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