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Anthony Gitch: An Everyday Guy Committed to Making a Difference

Some might say, “What a great guy!” while others might have less flattering opinions – but that’s life. I’m just an everyday guy out there living my life and doing my best to be a good person. Like everyone else, I’m far from perfect; I make mistakes, and I embrace them as opportunities to learn and grow. What sets me apart, however, is my unwavering commitment to taking responsibility for my actions and doing what I can to make things right.

To me, the most precious thing we possess is our integrity. I firmly believe that we have control over only one thing in life – how true we are to our word. It’s a principle that I hold dear and strive to embody every day. I’ve built my life and career around this belief, and it’s the driving force behind everything I do.

One of the things that fuels my passion for what I do is my genuine joy in seeing people succeed. There’s something incredibly uplifting about witnessing individuals achieve their goals and win at life. I’m that guy who will watch game shows just to see the sheer elation on people’s faces when they win. I’m highly competitive by nature, and I named my company “Excel Hypnosis” because I’ve consistently triumphed over the challenges life has thrown my way.

My journey has been diverse and filled with unique experiences. I’ve worn many hats in my life, from being a professional dressage trainer and instructor to touring with the “World Famous Lipizzaner Stallions.” These experiences have reinforced my belief that we can achieve anything we set our hearts and minds to, regardless of the path we choose.

I’ll admit that I can get passionate about what I do and the topics I’m discussing. My honesty and forthrightness can be a bit much for some, but it’s all part of my commitment to being genuine. Despite my passion, I don’t take life too seriously – it’s just too short not to try and enjoy every moment. I find immense joy in laughter and revel in the opportunity to have fun with the people who choose to work with me.

No matter the situation, you can always count on compassion, honesty, empathy, and understanding when you work with me. These values are at the core of everything I do, and I’m here to support you on your journey, whether it’s in overcoming challenges, achieving your goals, or simply finding more joy and fulfillment in life. So, let’s embark on this journey together, where positivity, growth, and success are not just possibilities but the very essence of our shared adventure.

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My Education

My educational journey has been marked by a diverse range of certifications and training in holistic wellness and advanced hypnotherapy skills. Starting with my TTouch Practitioner certification in 1989, I have continuously expanded my expertise over the years. I became a Certified Healing Touch Practitioner in 2003 followed by my Reiki Master status in 2004.

A desire to be self employed and live on a beach in Mexico  had me become a Licensed Massage Therapist in 2007 and later a Certified Ortho-Bionomist in 2009. I never did move to the beach and still haven’t been to Mexico.

In 2012, after massage school I recieved my certification as an Ayurvedic Lifestyle Counselor, further complemented by becoming a Certified QiGong Instructor in 2015.

In my commitment to promoting well-being, I also became a Certified Breath Empowerment Coach in 2015 and a Certified Qi Healer in 2016, expanding my understanding of the profound connection between breath and vitality.

Additionally, I hold advanced hypnosis certifications, see below,  offering a comprehensive and holistic approach to well-being and transformation.

Basic Hypnosis Certifications
  • Consulting Hypnotist – NGH
  • Master Hypnotist – IAHP
  • Registered Hypnotherapist – WA DOH
  • Advanced Hypnosis Certifications
  • Board Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist
  • Certified Hypnosis Instructor
  • Certified CONTROL Practitioner
  • Certified CONTROL Trainer
  • Certified Smoking Cessation Specialist
  • Certified 5-PATH Practitioner
  • Certified Pain Management Spececialist
  • Certified in MINDSCAPING
  • Certified Virtual Gastric Band Provider
  • Additional Certifications And Training

    • TTouch Practitioner – 1989
    • Certified Healing Touch Practitioner – 2003
    • Reiki Master – 2004
    • Licensed Massage Therapist – 2007
    • Certified Ortho-Bionomist – 2009
    • Ayurvedic Lifestyle Counselor – 2012
    • Certified QiGong Instructor – 2015
    • Certified Breath Empowerment Coach – 2015
    • Certified Qi Healer – 2016

    Why Choose Me?

    “I don’t fit the mold of your typical hypnotist, change worker, mindset coach, or energy worker. I don’t claim to have all the answers, and I understand that my approach isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution.

    My journey is rooted in personal recovery, with nearly three decades dedicated to the Co-Dependents Anonymous program. Through this experience, I’ve heard countless stories from various perspectives, making me no stranger to life’s complexities. I approach each situation without judgment and without being easily shocked.

    My career has been marked by roles where I’ve had the privilege of motivating and guiding others toward their aspirations. Allow my wealth of experience to accompany you on a more comfortable and personalized journey.”

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    The Art Of Self Destruction-Freeing Yourself From Anger and Codependency.

    Do More Than Achieve Excel

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