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If you prefer to work with a female than I recommend my friend, co-host, and fellow CONTROL System Practitioner Nicole Mazzucato.   

Although she is located just outside Barcelona, Spain she will work with you online and you will have amazing results. 

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Are You Ready To Change?

This article tells you how tobe the ideal canidiate for change work like hypnosis.
The Ideal Hypnosis Client.

How do you know if you’re ready to create change in your life?  Are you really ready to take a look at all the wonderful and not so wonderful aspects of who you are and what drives you?  These are questions one needs to find the answers to before deciding if hypnosis is right for you.  I have created several different hypnosis prospect descriptions.  This should help you determine how successful hypnosis will be for you.

Prospect 1 –  This person wants to change their life now.  They are determined to live a better, healthier, and more balanced life.  This person has tried everything else and nothing has worked.  Their tired of being dependant on medication that dulls their senses and never addresses the issue or they’re tired of being “sick and tired”.  They’re done with daily battles at home, work or socially. This client is willing to do the work necessary to create the life they want.  They are done blaming others for where they are in life and are ready to take back control in a way that creates opportunity and growth.  This client understands that hypnosis is not mind control and that they have to participate in order to have lasting results.  This client is successful quickly and because they often desire a way to create healthy new habits and they will often seek an accountability partner, like a life coach, with whom they can continue realizing their greater potential.  With the completion of the CONTROL process this person will experience permanent change and they will have the tools necessary to continue to make life changes as they desire.
Prospect 2 – This person wants to change their life too, but their not sure they are willing to do the work necessary to realize the full benefits.  This person is afraid of change, even if they don’t consciously know it. They are more than likely receiving some sub-conscious benefit from whatever it is they want to change.  If this person works with a professional who can meet them where they are and help them to see how the very issue they are looking to escape is manipulating them and keeping them stuck in place.  This person will be as successful as the other client, in fact, once this person starts to experience freedom from that “little voice” that keeps them down, their progress is amplified 10 times.   This is when their true self-starts to take back control and they become unstoppable in creating positive change. With the completion of the CONTROL process they will experience permanent change and they will have the tools necessary to continue to make life changes as they desire.
Prospect 3 – This person only wants change because someone else has advised them that need to make a change in some aspect of their life or the relationship will end, or they may lose their job, or the doctor advises to make a change or die.  No one wants to lose their job or life because of emotional outburst or addiction so with the proper guidance, and if they commit to the process they too will be successful. This is another category of clients who tend to excel once they discover what freedom feels like.  With the completion of the CONTROL  process this person will experience permanent change and they will also leave with the tools necessary to continue to make life changes as they desire. 
Prospect 4 – This person does not want to change but wants to put on the show of attempting to change for someone else. This person can not conceptualize being successful at change because they fail at everything, they have given up and have the belief that they are who they are and so they put up a protective barrier and will sometimes argue that they are just fine the way they are. This person will have multiple reasons why this or any process won’t work for them.   This person is not ready for change and because I am aware of that I will not work with this person. 

Now that you have an idea of what it takes to be successful in any area of your personal and professional life.  Take that next step and create the life you want and deserve. 

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