The 7 Step System For Change

The CONTROL System is a direct, hands on method of creating rapid and positive change in the way you think, feel and behave. The system utilizes the way your mind works best, so you’re able to gain control over your subconscious patterns of thought, giving you the power to remove anything that keeps you stuck and removes those limiting beliefs that hold you back.

By creating a direct line of communication with the most powerful and creative part of your mind the CONTROL system puts you back in charge of your own thoughts and responses.

Whether you use it just the one time to change something like smoking or over eating or if you use it every time you want to make a change, as soon as you know the system you will have a permanent means of updating your automatic patterns of thought and programming yourself for success.

Are you ready to change your life? Are you ready to take CONTROL?

What Can CONTROL be used for?

CONTROL can be used to change almost any current pattern of thought you are unhappy with. The beliefs that restrict us and prevent us from reaching our true potential are all at some point learnt at a subconscious level. Yet often we become consciously aware that certain beliefs or patterns of thought are now out of date and do us no good. CONTROL is the method by which we update our own subconscious programming and remove the barriers in our thinking that restrict us.

The CONTROL system has been used by hundreds of people to deal with hundreds of different issues. Here are just a few:

Alcoholism – Allergies – Anger issues – Anorexia – Anxiety – Bad habits – Bereavement – Blushing – Bruxism (teeth grinding) – Bulimia – Confidence – Depression – Fears – Gambling addiction – Guilt – Headaches – Insomnia – IBS – Jealousy – Memory – Migraines – Motivation – Nail Biting – Nightmares – Night Terrors – OCD – Pain relief – Performance anxiety – Phobias – Positivity – Public speaking – Self Esteem – Sleep Apnea – Smoking Cessation – Snoring – Sports Performance – Stammering – Stress relief – Trauma – Weight Loss

how does cONTROL work?

There are two major part to our thinking: The Conscious and the Subconscious. While our conscious represents the thoughts we are aware of, it is our subconscious that controls all of our feelings, behaviors and beliefs.

When we attempt to change the way we think, feel or behave we often struggle to make any impact, and find ourselves in the frustrating situation of knowing how we SHOULD be thinking, but experiencing something quite different. This is because our efforts involve using our conscious mind when it is our subconscious that is in charge of any change.

The CONTROL system teaches you how to communicate with your subconscious in a way that gets heard, enabling you to make the required changes quickly and easily without having to fight or go through any lengthy retraining process.


Where other systems tell you the value of making changes and taking action, CONTROL is a step by step system for making those changes. It doesn’t just tell you why you should be doing this, it gives you the tools to actually DO IT!

  • Once learned, you will have this system as a go to strategy whenever you want to make changes in your life.
  • Never again will you feel powerless and dictated to by your own pre-programmed subconscious patterns.

CONTROL puts you back in charge of where you are going and how you are going to get there.

The 7 steps explained

Create Space: The first step to change is to create the time, space and focus to achieve it. The Create Space phase teaches you how to focus the attention of your subconscious mind on the task at hand.

Open Communication: Everyone’s mind is unique and we all work in a slightly different way. By utilising our mind’s natural talents, we discover the way our mind works best, and create a direct line of communication with the Subconscious.

Notice the Details: By examining and understanding the way the existing pattern of thought manifests, we obtain the tools to both create and recognize the desired change. What are the objections our subconscious mind has to change, and how do we answer these objections?

Talk to Yourself: In this step we negotiate with our Subconscious to remove the barriers we have put up. By removing the obstacles to change we free the mind to do what it does best – learn and grow.

Re-write the Patterns: Having removed the barriers to change, we replace the old pattern of thought with a new and better one.

Observe the Change: This step of the Control system ensures that we know a change has occurred even before we head out and test it. By re-examining the details we embed and confirm the change.

Live it!: Now it’s time to experience the new patterns of thought and behaviour in action!!

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