Daniele Favaro


I began my studies and career in the IT and Linguistic fields working for Google, Microsoft and other major Tech companies, and I have always been passionate about the dynamics of personal change.

I love helping people achieve their goals. I also know it is really important for me to understand my clients perception of what is happening and to work from there. I have spent many years pursuing, studying and testing the best tools available for personal change and growth, and after many years of research and my own personal experience with hypnosis, I realized it is the most authentic, effective and creative modality to achieve true change.

Paying attention to where we want to go in life and having goals is great but you have to know how to achieve the goals you have set for yourself. Finding the best way to get all we want out of life: that's what hypnosis is really about.

Basic Hypnosis Training and Certifications

Certified Consulting Hypnotist - National Guild of Hypnotists

Registered Hypnotherapist - Washington State Department of Health

Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner – Training program with NLP's Co-founder, Richard Bandler

Advanced Hypnosis Trainings and Certifications

Certified Transformational Life Coach – Seattle Life Coach Training.

Certified 5-PATH Hypnotist - International Association of Hypnosis Professionals

I love helping people achieve their goals.