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Hypnosis Downloads And MindSPA Hypnotica Business In A box Instant Downloads

MP3’s will be available for download starting 2/10/2023. All downloads are mastered for quality sound and cover topics like insomnia, anxiety, anger and more. 

MindSpa Hypnoitca

MindSPA Hypnotic ~ A hypnotic Business In A Box.

MindSpa Hypnotica is a way for you to insert yourself into a 46 billion dollar industry. That is what the US spends on relaxation services every year.
MindSpa Hypnotica is designed to help you reach the masses instead of just focusing on only those who need to be fixed. Now you can seed your communities with healthy, happy, relaxed individuals who work collaboratively to make everything better.

This service is designed to help build your skills and your client base. It provides you and your clients with a wonderful luxury sort relaxation service as a way of building a relationship of trust and positive results for a successful life and later for when change work services are needed.

MindSpa Hypnotica is a great way to create an additional stream of revenue for those who like to set up routine or maintenance sessions with clients because it provides a profound sense of relaxation while allowing space for personal growth.

MindSpa Hypnotica is flexible and will grow with you because it can be delivered in several different ways. For those who want a private experience, you can offer MindSpa Hypnotica in a 1-hour format or 30-minute format. For those who prefer the group environment, you will be able to deliver a phenomenal experience.

The 1-hour format is generally used for newer hypnotists who are building their skills and for first-time clients. The difference in the length of time is created in the pace and cadence as well the pre-talk and debrief considerations. For example, if it is a client first time doing hypnosis I may do a full hour so I have more time to answer questions during the intake/pre-talk and more time for reintroduction and debrief.

The 30-minute service is primarily for return clients or clients who are experienced with hypnosis and who are wanting to maintain a high level of emotional wellbeing and performance.

MindSpa Hypnotica ~ Dream Experience

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The Dream Experience takes the client through an enloyable directed dream trance where each journey is individualized for each clients needs.

The download includes: The Dreaming script with two inductions. Group Sign-in Sheet, Client Intake, Provider Guide, Session Checklist, Wave Music MP3, and all the marketing material you need for digital and print advertising. Facebook Banner, Flyer, Gift Certificate, Instagram Post x 2, Mailer, Postcare, and web banner.

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