At Excel Hypnosis, we specialize in hypnosis for tobacco cessation, Anger Resolution, Pain Management, PTS, Stress and Personal Empowerment. We also provide services for many other issues like Weight release and Fears. We ARe CONVENIENTLY Located in west sEattle on California Ave between the admiral and alaska junctions.   


Our focus is on getting you to your goals as quickly as possible and you will experience change immediately.  Every client who has experienced the "big chair" leaves with a smile on their face feeling hopeful and optimistic about the journey ahead.  You will be excited about the journey ahead knowing that changes made are permanent and automatic so you can focus on the things that are important to you right now. Begin to realize how powerful hypnosis can be for you in reaching whatever goals you set for yourself, even the monumental ones. 

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What Do You Want?

Right now, stop for a moment and ask yourself "What do I want?" Do you know?  Do you only want what seems reasonable to obtain at the present moment? If so, why? 

You may find that the first thing that comes to your mind is a thought like "I don't want to be angry anymore or I don't want to be overweight anymore". Well, that's great but that is not an answer to the question.  Do you go to the grocery store with a list of things you DON'T want? No, so why approach life that way? Now, what do you WANT? 

 It is time for you to unlock your true potential, inner strength  and wisdom to take back your dreams and take back your life.  

Take Back Control!

It does't matter if it is smoking, over eating, raging, drinking, abusing your friends, family or co-workers. You can STOP any unwanted habits and self destructive lifestyle behaviors.  In as little as 1 sessions you can be free of whatever it is that has been holding you back. Stop waiting and let's start your journey to freedom today.

Each day when we open our eyes we begin to create our reality so take that first step and learn how easy it is to have a good day everyday.  Yes, even when things get tough you can still choose to have a good day.  Let me show you how. 


*Because we do not diagnose, treat or cure disease, all clients with diagnosed medical conditions must obtain a doctor/therapist referral.