Let's Get Mental

A fun-filled, entertaining, original, mind-boggling show that leaves the audience with more questions than answers.


Let’s get mental Seattle.

I love the art of Mentalism.  It is fun, powerful, and it can inspire people to go and do things they used to think were impossible. I provide an experience for the audience for which they cannot provide an explanation. It has been called mind reading by some, psychic by others, even ESP and magic at times.  My shows entertain, educate, and inspire.

I am simply a creator of an illusion and I like to leave it up to the audience to ponder and decide exactly what it is they have witnessed.

I offer a full 60 minute stage act that can be changed up to meet your needs.  I also perform around dinner tables allowing the guests a more relaxed immersive experience. 

Impress your wedding, anniversary, or other party  guests with highly original, fun and interactive entertainment by booking my stage show, or allow me to mingle amongst your guests table-side and amuse them while your wedding photographs are being taken.

I invite and encourage maximum audience participation.  In fact the audience getting involved is essential for the success of the show. I never embarrass anyone who participates, quite the opposite, I want them to enjoy the extraordinary experience close-up and first-hand. 

This is a really fun way to entertain people at any kind of party you’re throwing.

And if you’re looking for a perfect corporate event that will be constructed around your message and needs, this can’t be beat. I will educate, empower, inspire, and motivate your team. 

Call 206-549-1108 and book your party today!

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