MindSpa Hypnotica is a 100% complete hypnotic business system that builds skill, clientele, and revenue.

MindSpa Hypnotica

MindSpa Hypnotica is designed to be a relaxing approach to growth, acceptance and contentment. Although it has many therapeutic benefits, it is marketed as a non-therapeutic or luxury relaxation service much like Massage Therapy or Restorative Yoga. 

MindSpa Hypnotica is relaxation-focused and who is afraid of relaxation? With MindSpa Hypnotica you’re selling the relaxation aspect of hypnosis not the “fix it” aspect of hypnosis. 

MindSpa Hypnotica is a wonderful tool for building relationships with clientele who may not need change work immediately, however, later when that deeper work is required they know where to turn because you have established yourself as a trusted and valued part of their healthcare team.  

Anthony Gitch, BCH, CI blk/wht


Hypnosis is offered primarily as a solution for a problem. Because of this mindset hypnosis professionals have let an entire stream of revenue go untapped. It’s time for you to tap into this 46 billion dollar a year industry. When you present MindSpa Hypnotica as a luxury relaxation or high performing maintenance service for emotional and physical well being you create an overall acceptance of hypnosis as a better choice than many other complimentary medicine options. People who seek out services like massage therapy, Pilates, QiGong and Yoga are very receptive to the MindSpa Hypnotica experience.


MindSpa Hypnotica can increase your visibility as you begin to offer it in group formats at your local wellness co-ops, VA centers, yoga studio or Senior Living facilities and with the included marketing material you will be presenting yourself professionally.


MindSpa Hypnotica pays for itself in less than 5 individual sessions and you have the potential to make up to $500/hr.

When presenting a MindSpa Hypnotica experience to a group of 10 and the income potential is limited only by the group size. 

MindSpa Hypnotica can be used to build your business in multiple ways and no other system offers this kind of flexibility. 

The easiest hypnosis service in the world to offer. Why? It is all about relaxation and feeling good.

Brand new hypnosis professionals will find that MIndSpa Hypnotica provides you with everything you need to be successful in providing a rewarding experience for your clients while building your skills in rapport building, hypnotic language patterns, deepening and trance ratification. All experiences are designed to bring your client to an ultra-deep level of relaxation.

People can experience MindSpa Hypnotica without divulging any personal information so it is a safe introduction to hypnosis and a great way to build trust and open the doorway to a therapeutic relationship later when the client has an issue that needs to be resolved. Clients who experience MindSpa Hypnotica on a regular basis sleep better, experience less stress, make healthier lifestyle choices, feel confident and secure, have better relationships at home and work and they have more energy. 


An unbeatable way to build your business and hypnosis skills without hours of expensive training.

By simply delivering the experience to your clients you become more and more comfortable with the induction process, deepening and trance ratification. The MindSpa Hypnotica intake is short and simple with a signed consent and the session check list ensures that you and your client are ready to move on to each next step from a restroom check and water check to the collection of fees. The process is so simple and easy to follow that you will always be successful.

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