Quit Smoking

How many times have you tied to quit smoking and even stopped for a couple weeks, months or years only to fall back into the life and body destroying habit?   Well NO more!

When dealing with a behavior  like smoking hypnosis works so well because we resolve the issues that help to create and maintain your drive to smoke. We remove the triggers that cause you to smoke so you don't have to worry about starting up the next time something stressful or traumatic happens in your life. 

We offer two programs for smoking cessation. For those who are really ready to quit and have been successful at stopping in the past, and those that are social smokers, and some others will be successful with the 2 session process.  Those who smoke when stressed, angry, overwhelmed, frustrated, guilty, sad or anytime they get emotional, will need to go through the complete 5-PATH process. Call me today or schedule your free 30 minute in-office or phone consultation and lets' get you on the path to a healthier, better you.