Past Life Regression And Informing Soul Work

Past Life and Informing Soul work are not to be taken lightly or rushed. These journeys require the deepest levels of hypnosis, far beyond what you experience for therapeutic sessions. 

A session is three hours. The first hour is spent in discovery, which has the feel of a casual conversation. We discuss why you want to do a regression and what you would like to accomplish. I ask questions about your present life, family history, events in early childhood, etc., as a means of realizing particular patterns that may be a reflection of some past life experiences. During this process, your subconscious mind is prepared for the deeper work to come. 

We then move on to the regression and that usually lasts from 60 to 90 minutes, or longer if necessary.   Typically, a client can experience one to three lifetimes during the session.

I leave time after the regression for a debriefing.  When you go deeply into hypnosis and you will, you may feel very peaceful, a little drained, and slightly disoriented. You will also be full of amazement at what you just experienced so you will have time to become reoriented and grounded before going back out into the world.