Simply book your free 20-minute phone strategy and we will create a program designed to meet your needs.

You have to apply for my weight loss program, if you qualify, the program runs anywhere from 6 months to one year with about 12 - 24 sessions. Cancer and chronic pain patients can spend 3 - 6 months working with me and maybe 12 to 15 sessions.  Anger, Sadness, Anxiety and Stress average 5 sessions. If you want to improve your golf game, academic test scores, concentration or motivation, 3 to 5 sessions but these are just averages.

Keep in mind that I do not sell my time. I sell proven solutions along with my knowledge and my expertise. Sessions can run as long as 2 hours and as short as 30 minutes.

Payment & Fees

Payment is due in full before or at the start of your first appointment.

Smokers get a lifetime guarantee and pay $620. The average program is 5 sessions.  I offer a 5% discount when packages of 3 or more sessions are purchased up front AND paid for with a check or cash. I offer no discounts on CC transactions.