I have been working with Anthony for years. He was my massage therapist for 12 years and I trust him a great deal. I had been working on self esteem and feeling “good enough” since I was a young girl, being in my 5o’s now and still having intrusive thoughts about my worthiness I decided it was time to do something different and I figured what could be more different than hypnosis. The work I did with Anthony has empowered me. I no longer question my worth. I know more than ever that I am good enough and it seems strange to think about a time when I felt like I wasn’t. The work I did and the tools I learned have helped improve all areas of my life I tell everyone I know about hypnosis now.

— Rebecca M - 01/2017

I could write a novel about the insight I have gained and transformations I am seeing take shape in my life all thanks to going to Excel. I am quickly learning how powerful hypnosis can be and Anthony is the perfect guide. Anthony is down to earth and transparent about his practice, methods, and helping you reach your goals. I have seen a lot of different doctors throughout my life and none have been able to do some of the things he helped me accomplish in only a couple weeks! I am finally controlling my fear, anxiety, and depression! I've been telling everyone I know to go see him. Absolutely anyone and everyone would benefit. Easily one of the best decisions I've ever made in my life.

- Sefra M - 8/2018

I began working with Anthony from Excel Hypnosis in order to work on anxiety, trust in myself and boundaries with family. What a life changing experience! Since working with Anthony, I have become much more confident in my decision making, my anxiety levels are the lowest they've ever been (even though my husband is deploying and I am starting a brand new job), and I am ready to mend ties broken with my family. Anthony always prepared me for the day's session and answered any/all questions I had about the process. We ran our sessions remotely, through Facebook Messenger (video chat) because I live in Arizona- which was very helpful and convenient. His demeanor, personality and energy are extremely calming. If you are considering hypnosis, Anthony is excellent. Remotely or in his office, his implementation and execution of hypnosis is incredible- I highly recommend working with Anthony.

- KaeCee M 4/2018

Full disclosure, I really didn't know how hypnosis worked and have heard from friends and family who have had a wild variety of experiences. When I met with Anthony for the first time, he was really engaging as he explained how it worked, and the types of areas it allows you to work on in your life. I had a great first experience and even referred someone I love dearly to his workshop...an even greater skeptic than me: he gave me his rave review about how enlightening it was!

- Holli M - 4/2018

I have tried hypnosis before...an ongoing problem with weight management ...it never worked, and I wasn’t surprised. However; it has been a totally different experience with Anthony. To begin with, we are doing this remotely...I am on the east coast and Anthony on the west coast. Through the wonders of the internet and SKYPE we have managed very nicely. To date we have had our consultation session ,which was very enlightening as to how Excel Hypnosis works . Anthony is very engaging, knowledgeable and professional...I feel safe and that he is truly interested in helping me be my best self. We have had two sessions so far and I am extremely pleased with the way I feel. My energy and focus (both previous concerns)have certainly been at a high point which has decreased my fixation with food. I recommend Anthony and Excel Hypnosis very highly.

- Jackie G - 5/2018

I went to Excel Hypnosis to quit smoking. I had smoked for 35 years and had been trying to quit for the last 5. I tried everything to quit. Gum, patches, even prescriptions. Nothing worked. I was ready to give up when I went to see Anthony Glitch at Excel Hypnosis . Anthony listened to my issues, asked some questions, and suggested 5 Path. After going through the 5 path program, not only was i smoke free, I was happier, healthier, and even lost some weigh thanks to a new and improved relationship with food. Thank you Excel Hypnosis, I would recommend you to anyone and everyone who wants to change their lives for the better.

- Mike C - 7/2018

I hired Anthony Gitch of Excel Hypnosis to help achieve a higher level of focus, clarity and calmness in both my professional and personal lives and the sessions were very effective. I recommend Anthony without hesitation to anyone looking for a similar outcome as well as people that are looking to reduce pain, quit smoking or achieve weight loss, as his techniques are very effective in those areas as well.

- Tim C - 3/2018